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How to pick the container turnover!

    In the flip turn clutter is a kind of structure, low cost, use safe container turnover, to flip for container and loading and unloading task

    At the bottom of the container turnover include rotating spreader and set the turn lock organization lifting sling, lifting sling described device has a lifting oil cylinder, lifting oil cylinder piston rod and described described at the bottom of the rotating hook hinged, lifting sling described device has a rotating cylinder, the piston rod of oil cylinder is described with rotating spreader cohesion, so that the lifting hook can in turn cylinder under the action of a straight or skewed.

Container turning mechanism of mixed and disorderly, stability, it can be finished with container turnover and lift loading and unloading, and then complete the container turnover and container trucks cooperate with turn to loading and unloading of containers, task is safe, secure, has good practicability.

How to pick the container turnover!